Worldwide Digital Camera Market place Focusing On Dslr Cameras

Aarkstore announce a new report “Worldwide Digital Camera Market focusing on DSLR Cameras ” via its vast collection of market analysis report.

Executive Summary

The demand for digital cameras has presented a strong outlook, including cameras fitted in devices such as mobile phones and showed a constructive response even in the economic downturn, during 2008 &amp 2009. Technological advancement has helped the growth of numerous customer electronics merchandise, digital cameras being 1 of them.
The report has highlighted major areas contributing in the digital camera industry and DSLR. It begins with discussion of international digital camera shipments, SLR growth and industry share of sector players. It also helps to analyse the business geographically with an overview of US, Europe and Asian markets. To assess the business and future functionality report talks about industry trends, driving factors and future outlook of the industry. The report has also profiled significant business players (Canon, Nikon, Eastman Kodak).
SLR accounted for the highest development price in 2009, driven by growth in Asia, particularly in China. The potential for growth of digital SLR cameras is extremely high because of technological innovations, portability, falling costs and rising interest of teens. The development price has slowed down in Japan and the US, while it has improved in the emerging regions of China, India and Eastern Europe.
Demand for Digital cameras and SLR has been mainly driven by demand in emerging markets (China, Russia), rising net usage and favouring disposable earnings.

Crucial Findings:

Digital camera shipments reached ~million units in 2009, down by 12% compared to 2008 when much more than ~ million units had been shipped. Digital SLR shipments enhanced by 2.3% to nearly ~ million units.
The forecast anticipates that the sustained steady development in shipments of interchangeable lens digital SLR cameras will continue with 2010 shipments reaching 17.1 million units and 2011 shipments totalling 19.5 million units.
Taiwan shipped 11.3 million digital cameras in the fourth quarter of 2008, down from the identical period one particular year earlier. Digital camera shipments dropped sequentially in the very first quarter of 2009.
In 2008, the SLR shipments in China reached 752,000 an boost of 52.two% more than 2007. In Japan, the sale for digital cameras declined by four.5% in 2009 compared to the preceding year. Nikon has gripped the No.1 position in the DSLR market in Japan with ~% as compared to Canon which holds No. two position with ~% market share in the very first half of 2010.
In 2008, digital camera industry growth slowed in the US reaching to almost ~million units and SLR shipments reached to ~ million in the exact same year.
Sales of DSLRs Cameras have maintained its development even throughout the recession period in the UK.

Scope of this research

The report offers all the essential company details essential for enterprise and competitor intelligence requirements.
Consists of a study of the key internal and external factors affecting the industry in the kind of business trends, examination of major industry players and growth drivers.
Data is supplemented with details on the industry previous functionality, present analysis and future projections also opportunities present in many nations.

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