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2006 six 6, as the brand’s first SLR Sony
Digital Cameras
” ” series, Sony released the ” 100 (DSLR-A100)”. Single price is expected about one hundred,000 yen, will serve as models for the spread of consumers to sell. Listing date is July 21, 2006. Executive Director, EVP of Sony digital imaging company Nakagawa Minister of confidence in the conference, mentioned: “The purpose is marketplace share of 10%. Have a pocket-sized models in the basis, via further expansion of the field to the SLR, the camera will let us to turn into producers take the lead in the sheep. “He said that the initial month-to-month production capacity to 80,000.

The release of its technical functions of merchandise such as the “jitter compensation”, “ten.two million-pixel CCD and
Image Processing
LSI’Bionz ‘”and” CCD dust-removal device, “three:00.

Jitter compensation by way of
Photography rather than the lens element to remove the jitter effect. Not only the release of 21 replacement lens successful
Card for all lenses Minolta occasions can be compensated impact. Such compensation is compensation Konica created to increase from it, “not only shake the hand of about 10Hz, but also about the physical movement of the 1Hz to compensate” (Sony’s digital imaging business operations headquarters AMC Company Minister Sheng Bencher). Pentax has also introduced mobile photography device jitter compensation device.
The improvement of CCD
dimensions as 23.6mm 15.8mm. The purpose why use of CCD, because “we think that in order to attain Sony’s aim of good quality, from the present CCD is a lot more acceptable” (win the). In the future will be based on the reaction of the marketplace circumstance, the choice in the end is the use of CCD or CMOS.

Image processing LSIBionz with photos captured through the analysis of information, in accordance with the affordable effects of exposure and color automatically compensate the “DRangeOptimiser”. Used in the United Kingdom Apical’s image processing technology. The technologies is said to have been equipped in the United Kingdom
Sony Ericsson
And Nikon digital cameras.

Order to attain the dust characteristics, in the low-pass filter (LPF) anti-static surface
Film processing, and also turn off the power when utilised in photographic components by vibration and shake off the dust structure.

Sony in July 2005 to jointly develop digital SLR cameras began to collaborate with Konica Minolta accessible, then with the Konica Minolta withdraw from camera enterprise, Sony transferee of the design, development and production of associated assets.

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