Nikon DSLR Camera Prices in India [2017] (Hindi)

Nikon DSLR Camera Rates in India [2017] (Hindi)

Nikon DSLR Camera Prices in India
This video gives the latest [2017] prices for different Nikon DSLR cameras, ranking from DX to FX cameras.

The video shows prives ranking from Nikon D3100 and D3200 to Nikon D7100 and D7200 in APS-C sensor series (DX series). It also talks about 4 FX series cameras, that is, Nikon D750, D810, D4s and D5.

Beneath is the link for all of them (Beginning from Standard and going towards advance):

Amazon Nikon D3100 Cost: Rs. 26,000/-

Amazon Nikon D3200 Cost: Rs. 26,500/-

Amazon Nikon D3300 Price: Rs. 29,000/-

Amazon Nikon D3400 Value: Rs. 29,000/- (Recommended Standard Camera)

Amazon Nikon D5200 Price: Rs. 29,000/-

Amazon Nikon D5300 Cost: Rs. 37,000/- (Advisable Mid Variety)

Amazon Nikon D5500 Value: Rs. 48,000/-

Amazon Nikon D5600 Price tag: Rs. 53,000/-

Amazon Nikon D7000 Cost: Rs. 48,000/-

Amazon Nikon D7100 Value: Rs. Rs. 67,000/- (Recommend for DX Pro)

Amazon Nikon D7200 Value: Rs. 80,000/-

Amazon Nikon D500 Price: Rs. 1,75,000/-

Amazon Nikon D750 Price: Rs. 1,26,000/-

Amazon Nikon D810 Price: Rs. 1,64,000/-

Amazon Nikon D5 Value: Rs. 4,29,000/-

I hope the pricing data we supplied for Nikon DSLR cameras would be beneficial to you. Please leave your comments.

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