Nikon Common D80 Dslr Assessment

Nikon D80 camera: Nikon in succession in the look of a consistent style style, drawing on the D200 and D50 D70S and the successful encounter of functioning in the physique and the Nikon D70S and material aspects are comparatively comparable, much more strong feel heavy, volume, and reference is produced to the storage system Nikon D50’s design and style.

The kit lens is equipped with the kit lens than the older generation D70S cover a longer focal lengths, and belong to the exact same level senior D70S products.

Nikon D80 can shoot up as high as 10.2 million pixel photos, menus and functions in the operation of filling Nikon standard style. Offers a wide range of ISO sensitivity choices, precise white balance adjustment, metering and AF method, additional several exposure, and enhanced filter feature is its shooting ability.

The D80 slots nicely among the entry-level D50 and the semi-expert / specialist D200, clearly primarily based on the D70 style but also diverse sufficient to be observed as a totally new model. It features a ten megapixel DX format CCD (the identical we presume as utilized by Sony in the DSLR-A100), the metering sensor from the D50 and many other products taken or modified from the D200.

Nikon d80 digital camera use nikon en-el3e battery. The EN-EL3e battery introduced with the Nikon D200 is clearly right here to keep, and shooters will advantage from seeing more correct reflection of remaining power supply and from a longer time amongst recharges in the Nikon D80. And the Nikon en-el3e charger cooperate with en-el3e battery.

The body is the exact same size as that of the Nikon D50 (with a .1mm variance on height and width), making it a smaller camera attractive to beginners that is helped by the announcement of the MB-D80 vertical grip with shutter release for these with larger lenses or hands and/or wanting a more hefty feel.

The new 2.five” LCD, sized like that in the pro bodies, will be welcomed by all – featuring the 170 degree angle and the a lot much more helpful RGB histogram versus luminance histories on legacy cameras. Also, the ability to set custom colour schemes and font sizes in the menus is new and will be a extremely well-liked ergonomic function.

Nikon d80 digital camera specifications:

10.2 megapixel DX format CCD (1.5x FOV crop)
Image processing engine (similar to D200 / D2X)
3D Color Matrix Metering II, 420 pixel sensor (identical as D50)
11-area AF program (new version of Multi-CAM 1000, comparable to D200)
Custom Auto ISO (selectable maximum ISO, minimum shutter speed)
Configurable higher ISO and long exposure noise reduction
Mechanical only shutter (maximum 1/4000 sec, flash sync to 1/200 sec)
Quoted 80 ms shutter lag (quick viewfinder blackout 160 ms)
Bigger, brighter pentaprism viewfinder (x0.94 magnification)
Assistance for SD-HC (SD cards more than 2 GB in capacity)
Compact body (smaller sized, lighter than D70/D70s)
Improved menu user interface (exact same as D200)
Larger capacity EN-EL3e battery (supplies detailed info, identical as D200)
Wireless flash integration (identical as D200)

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