Leica R3 Electronic 35mm SLR Camera

Leica R3 Electronic 35mm SLR Camera

Product Description
Lens: Leica R mount lenses
Shutter-priority / aperture priority Autoexposure or manual
Shutter: Copal Leitz CLS electronic, metal vertically moving focal plane shutter
Metering: center-weighted and spot
EV range 1-18
ASA range 12-3200
Multiple-Exposure Switch
Eyepiece shutter
◾DOF Preview
Meter on/off
Batteries: 2x SR44 silver-oxide or 1x CR1/3N
Battery self-check
Body: metal; Weight 780g

  • Rugged Leica Quality
  • 35mm Film
  • Leica R mount lenses
  • Black Body
  • Built in Light meter

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