Kodak Cameras Popular Digital Cameras in India


Kodak digital cameras are quite popular and trusted imaging or photographic brand available in India.Kodak products are marketed in India since 1973 under the name of ‘Kodak India Company’, a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak USA. Over the years, the company’s various imaging products have earned a distinct reputation. Kodak houses a whole array of Kodak photo printing,film cameras, Kodak digital cameras and digital picture frames, instant cameras, Document, entertainment products, technical support and digital printing solutions, targeted for both consumer as well as commercial segment.

A few decade backs, a camera or imaging device was considered a useful commodity for Indian marriages. Gradually, with the introduction of user friendly, portable and affordable Kodak cameras in India, the perception of Indian consumers towards the art of photography went through a drastic change. Currently, this oldest photography products brand is devising new strategies to increase their sales revenue in digital photography and digital printing segment in India.

The company has introduced various latest technologies; high end features yet simple to us and economical digital cameras in India. Kodak digital cameras are available in India in the product range of C series, M series and Z series. The C series digital camera is the basic, simple to use digital camera for casual users that make photography more fun experience.These cameras are stylish and sleek and offer point and shoot feature which makes them highly user friendly. The M series cameras are more stylishly designed cameras that provide superior quality pictures. The Z series cameras are meant for more advanced photographers with enhanced features. Kodak digital camera is available at different price range in India. A basic Kodak digital cameras price in India starts from 5 k and more advanced and superior quality digital cameras are available at price range above Rs. 40000.

Thus, Kodak is bringing latest technology in the Indian markets and in case, you intend to explore digital imaging, you can check these sophisticated yet affordable Kodak digital cameras.

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