How Does The Newest Pentax K-five Dslr Stack Up Against The Pentax K-7

Pentax is moving backwards when the other digital SLR kingdom is proceeding forward. The newest version of Pentax mid-level DSLR is the K-five the earlier release is the Pentax K-7. It does not sound right . Why is not it a higher number than the previous a single? Go figure.

Even a lot more vital than the name are certainly the upgrades. Is this brand new camera worthy of your interest? And, by the way, which one has the higher user rating? Extra on that later.

Pentax is stating that the K-5 is actually a “refinement” of the K-7. We usually consider in terms of upgrade. Yet another Pentax anomaly. Whatever.

The upgrades… OK, refinements, are in some anticipated regions.

1. First, the CMOS sensor has enhanced from 14.six-megapixels to 16.3-megapixels.

2. There is an boost in the continuous shooting rate from five.2 frames per second to 7 frames per second.

3. ISO has been refined to go all the way up to 51,200 rather of a paltry 6400.

four. There has also been an improve from the 12-bit RAW bit depth to 14-bit.

5. Video recording has also been improved to complete 1920x1080p at 25 fps as opposed to 1536x1024p (they had been the only ones with that size video which was rather unusual).??

Lots of cameras are such as in-camera HDR now. But the Pentax individuals nowadays have somehow added automatic image alignment so that it is feasible to shoot even though hand-holding your camera.

You will uncover other positive aspects that are frequent to each cameras that are nicely worth mentioning.

* Getting a camera that is weather resistant is critical anytime you are out inside the elements. The Pentax models both sport a magnesium alloy physique more than a stainless steel frame, and they are weather-sealed for that needed protection. So go ahead and jump into the snow or surf with either.

* Yet another fantastic feature of Pentax DSLRs is the image stabilization which is built into the physique rather than becoming dependent upon the lens IS.

* Also, every lens made for a Pentax SLR is compatible with the newest models. This is genuinely a massive advantage for these that are old Pentax owners.

The Pentax people have not participated in the advertising wars to promote their cameras. On the other hand they rely on high top quality and user satisfaction for item promotion.

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