Canon XSi Versus Canon XS

Canon EOS Rebel XS and its successor, XSi, are fairly significantly the exact same camera, yet XSi has a lot more to supply than its “younger brother” and is really a bit much more costly. To pick between the two, you ought to initial evaluate your spending budget and how serious you might be about DSLR photography. In case you really feel you’ll take it on strongly and are willing to discover and enhance your self within the lengthy run, then XSi is for you. Otherwise, my advice would be to go for the entry-level XS and eventually upgrade to some thing fancier when you will ever really feel like it.

Here are the similarities and differences between the two models

– Both come with a DIGIC three image processor, with the only distinction that XSi is 12.2 megapixels, whilst XS is only 10.1.
– The lens are compatible from 1 model to the other.
– Both work with SDHC and SD flash memory cards.
– The battery packs on both models are identical.
– Both cameras accept most Canon EOS accessories (I know you can find 1 or two that do not work, but I do not recall them now, I have never employed them)
– XSi can continuously shoot three.5 fps in RAW, whereas XS can only do 1.5 fps. In JPEG mode, XS is really a bit quicker, it can do three.5 fps, whilst XSi only does three.0.
– The LCD on the XSi is half an inch larger than the 1 on the XS: three.0″ vs. only 2.5″.
– XSi comes with HTP (Highlight Tone Priority), whilst its predecessor does not.
– XSi offers wireless remote shutter release, whereas XS isn’t compatible with either RC-1 or RC-5 protocols, so you will not have the ability to trigger the camera from a distance.
– It is possible to only acquire the XS with the lens kit, whilst with XSi you’ll be able to buy the camera body separately

At the moment I’m writing this review I genuinely believe that Canon XSi is the very best Canon entry-level DSLR and perfectly fit for amateur photographers who’ve just discovered this new passion. I would suggest the XS model for spending budget constrained buyers; even so, when you really feel you can find features in XSi that you simply could wish to use, it’s extremely advisable to save some additional cash and get the latter model. But in case you really feel that XS will satisfy your needs, it is possible to safely go for it, and you’ll save funds too.

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