Burn Kodak video to DVD, create DVD from Kodak camera


It has been a faze to get a kodak camcorder such as Kodak Zi8, Kodak PlaySport, Kodak PlayTouch etc.The kodak camera, especially kodak pocket cammera makes it easy for camcorder-holders to take with for their pocket-size design and easy share button.As the trend goes that more and more camcorder users tend to transfer videos to DVD which is also ture with kodak camera owners.To burn kodak video to DVD is easy with kodak video to DVD converter.With this kodak video software, you could convert kodak MOV format and MP4 format to DVD.Kodak video to DVD Burner provides the perfect solution to burning Kodak videos because it can perfect burn Kodak MP4 and Kodak MOV to DVD.As usual, the kodak video to DVD converter allows users to edit kodak video as well.

How to burn kodak video to DVD on windows?

Step 1: Download and launch Kodak Video to DVD Burner.

Step 2: Add Kodak videos
Click on the “Add File” button to add the Kodak videos you want to burn to DVD. You can add almost any Kodak videos because this program can burn Kodak Zi8 to DVD, Kodak PlaySport to DVD, Kodak PlayTouch to DVD and a lot more.

Step 3: Edit Kodak video
Before you burn your Kodak videos to DVD, you can edit Kodak videos by clicking on the Edit button, you will see you can crop Kodak video, edit Kodak video effects and even trim Kodak video length. After you are done with the editing, go to the next step.

Step 4: Select and edit DVD menu
Click on the Menu tab and then you can select a preset menu for your Kodak video DVD. You can also edit a menu by to editing menu text and menu navigation buttons.

Step 5: Burn Kodak video to DVD
Now after you are done with editing Kodak videos and selecting/customizing your DVD menu, insert a blank DVD disc to your disc drive and click on the Burn button to open the Burn window where you can select a TV standard and set other burning options. If you don’t want to burn now, you can also choose to create an ISO file for later burning. After you finish with the burning options, click OK to start burning Kodak video to DVD or creating ISO file.

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