Beginner Photographers – Best Entry Level Dslr Is Canon T2i

It is the dream of many amateur photographers to take their skills up a notch or two.

You are not alone. There is a huge increase right now in the sales of Digital SLR cameras. But why should a beginner photographer in Digital SLRs choose a Canon T2i? “What,” you may well ask, “are the things that set this particular camera apart from other entry-level Digital SLRs?”

One reason stands head and shoulders above all the others. It is simply the best DSLR camera for new photographers. No questions asked. The debate between Canon and Nikon will always be there, but the Canon T2i will not disappoint you in terms of quality and user friendlieness.

The Canon T2i really does stand tall among its competitors in the entry-level DSLR market when comparing “user friendliness.” This is really a key factor to those of you who are moving up from point and shoot models, because you already have the basics mastered. If you were still confused and frustrated with your current point and shoot camera, you would not be taking this major step in your photography lifestyle.

Secondly, you must consider the lens factor. There is a strong desire for those of you who are considering a new digital SLR for more control and better images. Really, that almost goes without saying. Lens choices for the Canon T2i are very plentiful. You can select from the entire Canon stable of lenses since every contemporary lens will work on a new Rebel. (This is not true of every manufacturer’s entry level cameras).

And that’s not all. Tamron, Sigma, and Tokina (to name a few) also make excellent lenses for Canon digital SLR cameras. These manufacturers are producing fantastic lenses for Canon that give you more flexibility in your lens choice, especially in the area of saving money.

Whether your style of photography is portrait, landscapes, nature, photojournalism, or whatever, you will have the most extensive choice of lenses possible.

Third is the “cool factor”. Perhaps you have not even considered this “out loud.” Literally everyone knows the name Canon. You have, no doubt, seen and envied those with the monster cameras and lenses. Those photogs grab your attention just by being their with their cool equipment. It’s OK, you can confess it here. You are among friends.

With a new T2i, it will be YOU who grabs the attention. Now that’s cool. Add to that a big white lens that literally shouts CANON. You just can’t blend in with the crowd when you have that equipment. And you don’t want to hide it. You want to “strut you stuff” with this camera.

Something you may not have considered is the total effect of this cool factor. People will now actually consider you either a professional or close to it. It’s a natural deduction, whether it’s true or not.

That’s it, beginner photographer. Get the Canon T2i because it’s the best. In spite of all the talk and hype over which camera is the best, most will agree that the Canon Rebel T2i is an excellent choice. Deciding on a Canon T2i is really a logical conclusion when all these factors are considered.

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