1st Look At The Leica S2 – Overview

Very first Look At The Leica S2 – Review

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The Leica S2 is expressly basic to handle and picking the configurations is practically automatic. Ergonomically-created, the camera physique sits simply inside the hands regardless of whether in vertical or horizontal placement. The vibrant, high resolution screen with fast zoom-in capability makes it possible for you to view exposures effortlessly, in sunlight even. This high-end camera can be incorporated effortlessly into one’s expert digital workflow.

The entirely fresh DSLR camera program, the Leica S2, supplies a 37 mega-pixel, 30 x 45 mm sensor that is 56% larger than the total sized 35mm. Developed totally anew in discussion with professional photographers, the Leica S2 does not perform with a normal medium-format, nor does it use a 35mm platform. The Kodak CCD sensor in the S2 has allowed the Leica developers to yield the tiniest camera in its group, proper in between the Canon EOS 5D, the 1Ds Mk III DSLRs in magnitude. Its superb advanced and inventive processing technologies is two occasions as rapidly.

The Leica “MAESTRO” image processor, developed with Fujitsu especially for the LEICA S2, enables the camera’s lens, sensor, and firmware to operate at their excellent, generating market prime operating time as properly as the greatest quantity of image quality with minimal energy output. Eight new lenses will most likely be designed for the brand new Leica S-program.

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